4 Ways to Take Care of Charger in order not to Damage Quickly

Charger is one of the important components of an electronic device.

Without a charger, an electronic device cannot be used when the battery runs out. Likewise for a smartphone device. No matter how sophisticated your cellphone is, if the battery runs out it still can’t be used. But it turns out that how to store a charger is still often ignored.

Looks trivial, owners of electronic devices must be obliged to pay attention to how to store the charger. If ignored continuously will make the charger quickly damaged and affect the battery capacity when used. Based on information, the following is how to properly care for a smart cellphone charger that must be known to cellphone users.

ways to take care cell phone charger

1. Roll the cable correctly

How to roll the cable also affects the resistance of a charger. When rolled, some users pull tight, making the base part tense. It turns out that this is wrong, because in this way it can make the elements inside the cable break. If it is so, the condition of the charger can not last long. For that, roll the charger cable a little loose. Don’t pull it too tight.

2. Unplug the charger after use

This is certainly often done by cellphone owners. They just put the charger in use. Even the charger is left to stay connected to the power source. When continuously connected to electricity, the charger will break faster. The charger must continue to work even though there is no cellphone to charge.

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3. Pay attention when storing it in a bag

When traveling, of course you will bring a charger. Not to mention when your battery power easily drops. Every time you have to charge with the charger that you carry. Now when storing a charger in a bag, many people don’t care about how to store it. They will just put the charger in a bag that coincides with other objects. Although trivial, it turned out to affect the performance of the charger. Especially when the cable is not neatly arranged, the risk of broken cables can occur.

4. Store in a safe place

After filling the cellphone, save the charger in a safe place. This is to avoid the charger from falling from a high place. Get used to storing a charger that keeps out of reach of children. Most chargers are damaged because they are often pulled by children. Not to mention when the charger is slammed by children. This will affect the performance of the charger when used.