11 Million iPhone Recorded Use Battery Replace Program from Apple

Battery damage on the cellphone has often happened. Old cellphones will definitely have a battery that is not as good as it originally was. This happens due to frequent usage so that the cells in the battery begin to lose their storage power.

It turned out that this problem was heard by Apple so they held a super cheap battery replacement program yesterday. For those of you who have an old iPhone, of course this is very exciting news. Because battery replacement can improve the performance of your iPhone.

broken iphone battery

One reason why iPhone sales declined throughout 2018 was due to the existence of a super cheap battery replacement program from Apple for the iPhone whose battery is outdated.

As information, Apple released this iPhone battery replacement program at a much cheaper price, from $ 79 down to $ 29 only. Of course many users use this service.

One reason is because iOS 11 can detect iPhone battery quality. If the battery is considered outdated, iOS 11 will make the iPhone slower to maintain battery life.

tips: to prevent your cellphone battery from being damaged quickly you must use an original charger. Original iphone charger is expensive but that is what must be redeemed for a quality. You can get charger iphone original from online store.

Unmitigated, reported from 9to5mac, the total iPhone that uses this super cheap battery replacement program reaches 11 million iPhones. The new iPhone with a battery is reported to have a performance like the new iPhone.

This is also “made worse” with the release of iOS 12 which makes iPhone performance faster. Even the improved performance of older iPhones like the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 is quite noticeable.

This is what makes the sale of the new iPhone decrease because users find it useless to buy a new iPhone because the old iPhone can still be used properly.

The number of 11 million iPhones is far from Apple’s estimate, which predicts only around 1 million to 2 million iPhones will use the cheap battery replacement program.

How about you? You also use this cheap iPhone battery replacement from Apple?